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New opportunities abound in the wellness industry with advances in a full spectrum of health support. With businesses creating super products like hemp to enhanced waters that support being well, pain relief, and optimal performance, there is something for everyone.

Some areas in product development I can help you with are:

  • Wellness Support – chronic pain and illness, trauma: natural supplements, drinks, super food products


  • Hemp CBD Industry –  full spectrum of products for pain, illness, neurology, anti-aging


  • Water – spring, mineral, enhanced dynamics for hydration, body/mind, and environment


  • Spa, medical or day spa – anti-aging, beauty products, integrative medical products; a singular or entire product line 


  • Fitness/physical therapy – energy, pain relief, exercise, hydration


  • Transformational Technologies – co-develop, test, and create strategic marketing of new products for personal and corporate use

Spa Beauty Products

Anti-aging and beauty products. We produce your product line or a single product from the ground up, vision to market.  Whether you want to White Label a product or create a new line, there are many concepts to choose from, and new innovations that when combined can place your product line at the top of the market. 

Integrative Medical Products

Physician and patient inspired products to address the volume of need to manage all forms of aging, including pain, PTSD, and neurology to treat different health conditions and injuries in a natural, non-addictive way. As example, the successful use of hemp, CBD and CBG in addressing many of these conditions may also be integrated into product lines or developed as a stand alone product line. There are also white label opportunities in this emerging and highly energized industry.

White tech girl -508130402.jpg
Transformational Technology Products

I can co-develop and strategize your product ideation, develop and test new products, improve exisiting products addressing high demand in this marketplace. With years of research and evaluating emerging new technologies, as well as using them for many years, I can assist you in your endeavor to create whatever level of entry you prefer in this marketplace. (An example of such technology is The L.I.F.E. System. It supports overall wellness through assessments, biofeedback, brain entrainment, emotional/mental balancing, neurology support, meditative programs, pain and trauma relief.)

Enhanced Water Products 

I can work with your concept and create with you, a top of the market enhanced or pure water product addressing the high demand in this industry. For many years, I have researched spring waters, hot springs and even owned part of a spring water business. In this competitive, over-crowded marketplace of uniquely branded enhanced and medicinal waters, I can help you develop and align your water product with five-star spas, wellness centers and other products being developed in the marketplace.

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