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I am a proven creative director, producer and content developer in the natural lifestyle and wellness marketplace. With years of experience in producing healthy lifestyle initiatives, I bring full-spectrum media production from pre-post production for all media platforms, projects, and website design for live and online. My focus and passion has alway been to use media to help create a more positive, peaceful world.


From ideation to website design and launch, I have produced wellness products and centers. I am skilled in applying all facets of media production to create personal development programs for global companies like Integral Life, and five-star spas; Miraval, Cal-A-Vie, and Omni Resorts. 

My production and media experience began with creating global environmental symposiums: “Choices For a Positive Global Future”.

My first symposium was covered by CNN's top three producers and utilized by CNN as models for their positive news programs, Earth Beat and Future Focus. Rolling Stone Magazine also did a very positive eight-page spread covering my first event in Sun Valley, Idaho.

In the past ten years. for Integral Life, Ken Wilber's company, I have co-produced personal development programs, large annual conferences and special lifestyle loft events. These productions covered science, technology and consciousness, as well as online webinars with numerous thought leaders. (This work is listed on my Projects page.)


Later in my career, I co-produced and hosted a radio talk show on integrative wellness, anti-aging, healing, trauma, chronic illness, mindfulness, environmental awareness and sustainability. 


Through my business, Natural Tech Wellness, my current focus has been to develop projects, website design, products and centers that utilize leading integrative wellness modalities, coherent marketing language, with advances in protocol and treatment. This has included design and layout for new or existing websites, integrative medical clinics, holistic pharmacies, wellness centers in five-star spas, natural product companies and private enterprises moving into the natural marketplace.


In nearly every position I have held, I have overseen and transformed customer service protocols to serve at a higher level as an exemplary, personal response and action system.

Formal Education: Master’s Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, and specialized certifications in Biofeedback, Neuro-feedback, Voice Dialogue Communication Skills, and Yoga. Currently a member of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. (AIHM)

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