Designing and developing a wellness center or clinic that incorporates the now and future of full spectrum health care.

A new, rapidly evolving trend in Wellness Centers incorporates mind/body, integrative medical, fitness, with advanced nutraceutical and preventative components into a comprehensive health care center. Many centers are responding to the expectations of baby boomers who desire to live longer, and healthier than their ancestors, while preventing disease. Younger generations who want to prevent the illnesses and aging their parents have faced, are now also seeking out support for optimal health and anti-aging.

What if health care, fitness and integrative medical professionals collaborated and formed supportive strategic alliances?

What if your wellness center or hospital worked together to provide integrative therapies, products, complimentary medicine, clinical physical therapies, and alternatives such as yoga, pilates, martial arts, injury rehabilitation, stress management and health support?

What if your local hospital was a place you could go to when you are healthy—to stay well?

Whether your wellness center model is spa-based, alternative provider based, or hospital based, the medical and wellness communities have been rapidly moving toward forming more comprehensive medical/holistic centers to treat the whole person.


What if they all were under one roof?

In designing any integrative center, spa, pharmacy or hospital, it would be wise to research and incorporate the need for change in health care, recognizing the opportunity to lead the field with disease prevention, longevity formats and mind/body approaches to consistently being well.


I can assist you with your vision, development and launch of your:

  • Wellness Centers – comprehensive health care center, preventive medicine, health and fitness center


  • Integrative Medical Center – complimentary medically based, from vision to launch


  • Spa, medical or day spa/fitness – from ideation to launch


  • Pharmacy + Integrative Wellness – merge wellness within pharmacy, or build from start


  • New Hospital Wellness Centers – a place to go to stay well, find ongoing support, preventing disease with comprehensive health care, education, outpatient surgery, where immediate care and preventative care compliment each other.

Design your wellness center with all perspectives and considerations of the most comprehensive approaches applied for the now and future of full spectrum health care. 


Develop your complimentary wellness clinic from vision to launch with the most advanced, current methodology and technology. 


From your vision and ideation we create an all encompassing modern, ultra natural, and luxurious spa with advances in wellness and environmental considerations.